Trinity Renovations, Inc BBB Business Review

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"My husband and I contracted with Mike to renovate our bathroom. We were completely satisfied with the work he did. He was prompt each day even though he had to drive nearly 100 miles one way to reach our home. He answered our questions readily and was quick to make changes when asked. He made recommendations when needed. He is a thorough person and made an extra effort to make our bathroom look perfect. We would not hesitate to hire him for other renovations." Bill and Carol

Dear Mike, Don, Bobby, Randy, Audie, Doug and Betty,Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love our bathroom! The work you all did is great. Never in my wildest dreams have I thought that we would have such a beautiful bathroom. Not only is it beautiful but, much more functional than it was before.One of the unexpected advantages is that it is safer. The white builder's tile that was in there before was not only hard to keep clean and unattractive but it was slippery. The new tile is beautiful and it is not slippery! The floor, bathtub and shower seem more solid than the old. There is a higher quality to everything in there now. Dick has called my attention to how some of the tiles in the shower have patterns in them and Mike has matched up some of those patterns to the surrounding tiles. We like to think this was purposely done and not random. The shower is just beautiful and the shower head has a larger spray which covers your entire body and is just so relaxing. The frameless glass is so beautiful and makes the room look more contemporary and cool. The glass shelves between the mirrors are my favorite part. We keep everything on them instead of the counter top and it makes it easier to keep things clean.Betty suggested that we put in the spray nozzle on the bathtub which turned out really great. It's good for cleaning the tub and washing hair. Someone is taking a bath in there at least once a day and bathing in such a beautiful space is very relaxing. The jets work great and the tub is comfortable. I get to look at the beautiful shower while bathing and the soft blue walls remind me of the sky and I just lay there and all my stress melts away. The hardware is really nice. The faucets on the sink are higher than the ones and so much more comfortable to use. I had no idea that washing my face would actually be easier with those faucets. The chrome is sparkly and is of the jewelry of the room. The granite is surprisingly, my favorite material in the bathroom. It is beautiful! The wood warms the space up and the doors are just beautiful, so much nicer than the white cabinets we had before.I will happily spread the news of what great work Trinity Renovations does. Not only is the work excellent but everyone was genuinely nice. We miss you. We grew to care about you all. Our bathroom is a beautiful oasis and retreat from the world. We thank you all for your part in creating this beautiful and restful space. May God Bless you and keep you!   Jill J.

Dear Mike,With your quick follow-up and our question about the granite countertops (something I should have figured out on my own!) we were reminded about how truly fortunate we were this year to have crossed paths with you and your fine staff and crew at Trinity Renovations. From the initial design ideas to selection of materials and fixtures right on through to the finished work, our experience with Trinity Renovations has been exceptional.Remodeling three bathrooms from floor to ceiling - with all the complications we added such as "can you make my shower a couple of feet bigger", "can you add pocket doors here, the vac system here, the plumbing here and cam you out the TV here" - and then halfway through that job adding a fourth bathroom...well, that could have been overwhelming to both of us, but you made the whole process easy and seamless to our eyes and stuck to your time and budget commitments as well.But perhaps the commitment that mattered the most in the end was the commitment of every single member of your team to getting the detail and craftsmanship of our job right. We were off site while this renovation was going on, and on each of the few times we were able to check in we came back to a clean site and individuals doing the work who made us feel that they were intent and focused on getting this job right for us. Your peoples earned our trust and that quality - that pride in work - is very hard to find. Congratulations on having brought such a fine group of people together. Craig & Rhonda M.